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Chubby Dog Gets First Class Seat on Plane

A hefty dog just received what appears to be the royal treatment on American Airlines, according to a twitter user who snapped a photo of the pooch as it was rolled toward a Los Angeles LAX boarding desk.

The episode, documented by traveler Madeleine Doux, shows how many airlines are working to improve traveling with pets.

Doux informed Mashable that the dog boarded the plane last. The canine’s owner appeared to have purchased two tickets. Both owner and dog went to their seats, although the dog seemed to prefer lying on the ground near its seat.

Unlike crying babies or inebriated passengers, the dog proved to be a model passenger. Doux reported that it did not bark or make any detectible noises during the entire trip.

American Airlines has a policy of accepting cats and dogs in the cabin of the aircraft. There is a fee of $125 per carrier each way, and the combined weight of the pet and carrier are not to exceed 20 pounds.

The airline also offers “pet cabins,” which can be reserved on select flights between New York (JFK) and LAX, and JFK to San Francisco (SFO). On such flights, there are two cabins per plane in the first section only.

The owner of the dog appeared to be a travel ace, presumably working out all of the details before the trip.

According to Doux, the dog’s chubbiness and its nifty cart intrigued the other passengers.

“Everyone, both while boarding the plane and on the plane before takeoff, was speculating as to how the dog got so fat,” she said. “You could legitimately hear hushed whispers of ‘He’s riding first class.’”